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I am truly grateful for your continued interest in KU-MAGIC.

Since its establishment in 2015, KU-MAGIC has applied itself to the development of biomedical research at Korea University, further fueling KU’s growth into a world-class university. At such a crucial moment of change for KU-MAGIC, I welcome my responsibility to play my part as the director of this dynamic institute. Through the various projects that KU-MAGIC is planning and promoting, we will continue to support the work of biomedical researchers, so that they can play a leading role in the development of biomedical science in Korea. To do so, we are embarking upon a number of exciting initiatives.


First, KU-MAGIC will endeavor to win contracts for government projects in the science and technology sector. Based on the research and development funds obtained from medium and large national projects, we will plan and seek opportunities for new projects involving cooperation with international partners and joint R&D arrangements.


Second, in order to establish a systematic basis for the discovery of promising technologies in the field of biomedicine, we will build a convergent and integrated research infrastructure. Based on this, we will further support convergences between research technologies, and promote research projects that can assess the issues that will arise during the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Third, we will actively promote SPARK KU-MAGIC, an incubation program focused on the effective commercialization of new technologies. In this way, we will encourage the entrepreneurship of biomedical researchers at Korea University. In addition, by holding the KU-MAGIC forum, where our researchers can introduce biomedical research findings to investment companies and a variety of technology-related organizations, we will seek opportunities to foster joint research, attract investment, and promote technology transfers.


Finally, we will invite respected research institutes affiliated with small and medium-sized enterprises to the KU-MAGIC research village in order to consolidate our R&D cooperation network, and will generate stable profits by attracting external funding and facility support for our research village.


These initiatives derive from KU-MAGIC's status as a proud research institute of Korea University. Through them, we aspire to strengthen our role as a leader in the biomedical field, and to contribute to building a bright future for our society.


We know you share our vision, and once again, your continued interest in our work is a source of pride to KU-MAGIC, and to me personally. With sincere gratitude, it is my hope that our relationship may continue to thrive.


KU-MAGIC President