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  • Human and R&I Resources


    Recruitment of world-class researchers and the establishment

    of Institute for Convergence Medical Sciences

    Launch of KU-MAGIC Project Zero


    Nurturing of next generation biomedical researchers

    KU-MAGIC seeks to engage in world-class interdisciplinary research by recruiting professionals in basic sciences to better focus on research innovation. The Institute for Convergence Medical Sciences staffed by a faculty of renowned medical scientists will be established to increase the university’s research capacity and nurture future biomedical researchers. /span>


    Opening of state-of-the-art campus in Jeongneung and Anam

    Following KU-MAGIC Project ONE, Korea University will launch KU-MAGIC Project Zero (advanced convergence medical center) to strengthen ties between the natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, medical school, health sciences and Anam Hospital. KU-MAGIC will become a global complex for biomedical research innovation and commercialization.

  • Disease-targeted Multi-core System


    Establishment of a disease-targeted multi-core system

    Cause, Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment Convergence Research

    Systematic research from cause to treatment

    Innovative solutions for overcoming diseases

    KU-MAGIC will introduce a disease-targeted research system to support R&I across all stages of care - cause, prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The establishment of a multidisciplinary convergence R&I system will blur the existing boundaries of medical divisions and drive advancements in convergence research and innovation. KU-MAGIC will establish a multi-core system that strategically targets specific diseases and engage in intensive R&I focusing on viruses, infectious diseases, cancer, brain diseases, neurological diseases, heart diseases, emergency medicine, disaster trauma and musculoskeletal diseases.

  • Global Networking


    Global Networking

    Establishment of a universal medical platform

    Global networking and collaboration 

    Based on its past networking with renowned universities through university associations such as U21 and APRU, Korea University will expand its global network for R&I and commercialization through KU-MAGIC.


    Medical development from cooperation 

    Global networking will not only help build a universal platform for medical services but also contribute to sustainable social development. Through investment and research cooperation with biomedical companies, KU-MAGIC also seeks to enhance the core competitiveness of Korea.