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Purpose & Approches

1. Purpose


  • Build a virtuous cycle of research that promotes innovation, commercialization and reinvestment
  • Attract investment from businesses and investors and pursue research and innovation instead of conducting outsourced research projects and manage intellectual properties, lead technology commercialization and support startup acceleration
  • Create jobs, boost economic growth and promote social development


2. What is Technology Commercialization?


  • Commercialize technological assets by harnessing tacit needs and generating proceeds
  • Improve and advance existing businesses or create new businesses through Research & Innovation.


3. Implementation Approaches


  • Raise funds for investment from schools, the government and businesses, channel their investments into KU-MAGIC Corporation, and reinvest the proceeds
  • Shorten lead times via technology-to-market feasibility analysis and business planning and minimize trials and errors
  • Support startup incubation and acceleration and establish management systems
  • Establish and implement exit plans for effective profit generation and reinvestment