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Process of Commercialization






  • Identification of promising technologies : Discover feasible technologies through research groups, public contests and the advisory groups’ recommendations
  • Technology-to-market planning

    Feasibility and risk review: Analyze business feasibility and constraints through interviewing researchers, collecting patent and market data, and conducting technology/marketability assessment

    Business planning: Analyze the market/competitors/customers, develop marketing strategies, and set business goals
  • Startup founding :

    Decision making on startup type and governance: Establish a startup team, determine funding plan/governance, technological contribution

    General affairs (legal/tax/accounting): Organize initiators and a board of directors, and document the articles of association and its mission

  • Technology commercialization :

    Product development: Develop prototypes through test bed, simulation and mock-up processes

    Approval/accreditation: Medical products and devices
  • Management system development :

    Marketing/sales/logistics (purchasing/production/distribution): Support management resources for marketing/sales to achieve revenue targets and lay the groundwork for business viability andAttracting
  • Funding/investment: Raise funds and attract necessary venture capital investment

  • Exit : Decision on the timing/method/scale , execution: Equity selling, M&A or IPO

  • Reinvestment