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Technology Commercialization Division

1. KU-MAGIC & Related Groups



  • Investment Group

    - Angel Investors: Business angels, angel associations, associations for retail investment

    - Venture capitals: Startup investment firms, new technology financing firm and limited liability startup investment firms such as Synergy IB Investment, Wonik Investment Partners, and LB Investment

    - Strategic investors: Pharmaceutical firms, medical device firms and distribution companies

    - Financial investors: Institutional investors, PEF, other firms

  • Support Group

    - Licensing firm, law firm, accounting/tax firm

    - Consulting firms, Business accelerator

    - Clinical research center, Business partners (marketing, production…)

  • Cooperation Group

    - Government agencies: Korea Health Industry Development Institute, Chungbuk Center for Creative Economy and Innovation, Osong Medical Innovation Foundation

    - Associations: Korea Business Angels Association, researchers from other universities


2. Technical commercialization organization (Operating)



  • Advisory Committee

    Review biomedical convergence R&D topics (ongoing progress and deliverables) of KU-MAGIC researchers and KU faculty members and their feasibility.
  • Working-level / Project Team

    Identify feasible ideas and establish a detailed plan for their commercialization, investment and support, and execute the final plan

  • Consulting Advisory

    Secialists in the field support it in order to carry out the project effectively. Business / technical support are provided for each step from establishment to start-up.