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Medical Devices


KU-MAGIC will establish an open platform for advanced medical devices and develop innovative medical devices through IT/BT convergence.

Through its government designated research hospitals, Korea University has an outstanding capacity for the research and development of medical devices. It is developing medical devices to meet future demands and is actively engaged in consolidating open innovation in globalized world. An open platform for medical devices is underway, aimed at facilitating communication between businesses and hospitals.


KU-MAGIC will introduce a new business model that supports the development and commercialization of medical devices targeting various diseases while implementing a sustainable platform based on a virtuous circle of idea development, technology commercialization with protection of intellectual property rights, profit creation and reinvestment. The multidisciplinary research innovation system is expected to contribute to the acquisition of diagnosis information and stimulate the development of medical devices for therapeutic purposes.


Areas of Research and Innovation

  • IT·BT convergence diagnosis/therapeutic devices
  • Diagnostic kits and markers
  • Artificial organs
  • Medical robots and telemedicine
  • Portable modular hospitals