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Precision Medicine


KU-MAGIC will create a new paradigm of genome/protein research for cancer treatment and achieve significant progress in personalized diagnosis/treatment.

Korea University has actively supported R&D in genomes, IT convergence and stem cells for personalized medicine and plans to expand funding for these areas in the coming years. It will emerge as a pioneer in enhancing health and well-being based on the integration of personalized pharmaceutics, diagnosis and medical services.


Research and innovation in personalized medicine will be accomplished through the expansion of qualified personnels and strengthened networking with related industries and institutes. This will set the stage for open innovation, encouraging academic exchanges in key areas of personalized medicine, such as genomes/proteins, IT/NT/BT convergence and stem cells.


Areas of Research and Innovation

  • Genomes/proteins
  • IT·BTconvergence and big data analysis
  • Stem cells