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AI & Big Data


We provide personalized health care information, risk predictions of major diseases, and suggestions for improved behaviors based on biomedical big data analysis.

Korea University has been renowned for its world-class big data technologies and researchers. Researchers of Korea University have ranked 5th in video big data search in the NIST international big data competition.

Korea University has accumulated biomedical big data and built research networks for a long time. Based on such resources, now the university is establishing a biomedical big data institute for the research and development of public health care platforms and services.


Novel biomedical information discovered from big data will be shared by researchers across the globe, and significantly contribute to the expansion of our knowledge for human health and diseases.


The biomedical big data institute of Korea University will bring an unprecedented opportunity to provide consistent and efficient health care services to people who have been marginalized from the mainstream of traditional medical services and to tackle important medical problems including childbearing, infant health and aging - thereby improving the quality of life for all.


Areas of Research and Innovation

  • Public Health Care Services
  • Biomedical Big Data Analysis
  • Translational Medical Research
  • Big Data Platform