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News Letter
No Title Writer Views Date
24 [News Letter vol.24] Prospects for Aging Population and Smart Age KU-MAGIC연구원 87 2019.05.31
23 [News Letter vol.23] Preparing for Technical Business in University KU-MAGIC연구원 118 2019.03.23
22 [News Letter vol.22] New Year's greeting from the Research Director KU-MAGIC연구원 470 2019.01.31
21 [News Letter vol.21] A Study on the Control of Protein Homeostasis by Ubiquitous System and... KU-MAGIC연구원 423 2018.11.15
20 [News Letter vol.20] R&D project for new infectious diseases KU-MAGIC연구원 367 2018.09.18
19 [News Letter vol.19] Medical 4th Industrial Revolution and P-HIS Development Project KU-MAGIC연구원 1078 2018.07.16
18 [News Letter vol.18] Research-Oriented Hospital Medical Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Trend KU-MAGIC연구원 552 2018.05.18
17 [News Letter vol.17] Development of Customized Cognitive Response UI / UX Technology for the Elderly KU-MAGIC연구원 1032 2018.04.03
16 [News Letter vol.16] Doctors Start-up and Partnership, Strategic Partnership KU-MAGIC연구원 763 2018.01.23
15 [News Letter vol.15] Development of Boron Neutron Capture and Therapy Device Based on Small Proton Linear Accelerator KU-MAGIC연구원 760 2017.11.30